Fashion Technology Courses in India

Know In Detail About Fashion Technology Courses

Your own profession could be stylish too! Questioning how? There is certainly one thing called Fashion technology that relates to focusing on design, principle management, design generation management, quality control, preparing, fabric design, producing, fashion accessory style, fashion marketing, textile science, color blending, marketing etc. This is certainly among the sectors which are magnetizing youngsters in the modern times.

The main areas of operate in fashion technological innovation are industry research, planning and manufacturing of clothes and products.

Eligibility for Fashion Technology Courses

College students who would like to undertake a career within this field can begin immediately after they finalized their senior citizen secondary college. There can be diploma, certificate, and graduate and post graduate level programs. These types of courses may be in the area of Accessory designing and also fashion designing, Clothing Manufacturing Technology, Clothing marketing and Retailing, Leather as well as Garment Design as well as Technology, Knitwear Design and Technology, Textile Style and Growth , Fashion Journalism together with Presentation.

Although 10+2 is adequate for Accessory planning and Fashion Designing, graduates are favored for additional courses. For an Undergraduate training course 10+2 with 50% marks is needed and for a Post Graduate training Course College is essential.

Job Prospects for Fashion Technology Courses

The job prospects for Fashion Technology college students are varied and various. They could work in export houses, clothing store chains , fabric mills , natural leather firms , boutiques , fashion show organizers , jeweler homes and media residences . They could as well establish their own boutiques or even work as self-employed creative designers.

A number of the job tasks this area will offer are merchandising professionals, fashion developers, illustrators, fashion co-coordinators, and so on.

  • Fashion coordinators organize and guide the marketing of fashion clothing for production houses, cloth firms and stores.
  • Illustrators get free hand drawings of just what an artist thinks. They require excellent sketching expertise and also superb communication skills.
  • Fashion Experts are individuals who provide you with ideas about how to boost an item so that it is usually readily assimilated on the market.
  • Cutting Assistants need to cut examples according to specs of the designer. A chopping assistant recognizes that the design visualized could be converted to an actual dress.
  • Sketching Assistants help make the technical drawings of the clothes and can make sketches for presentation. It is really from this requirement sketches one select how a garment must be constructed.
  • Fashion Merchandisers are primarily accountable for marketing. He/she needs to study past and then current sales data as well as analyze trends.
  • Fashion Journalist is in-charge of a style magazine. It is really through all of them that the general public reaches know the recent fashion styles.

Pay Scale for Fashion Technology Courses

The majority of trainee creative designers obtain a stipend of around Rs.10000. With comprehensive working information, a designer can certainly soon anticipate Rs .30000-40000 a few weeks. Not to mention, if a newcomer turns into a popular designer, there is not any looking back.

Career Options in Fashion Design Courses

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