Public Relations Courses in India

Introduction to Public Relations Courses

The field of public relations is seen as one that can be combined with other courses like mass communication course, event management course and Advertising courses. But there are some universities and colleges that have introduced the Public Relations Courses as a separate entity and conduct degree and diploma in the field of Public Relations. The course is highly interesting as it offers candidates the opportunity to mix with a wide spectrum of people from various fields. Usually students who have undergone the Mass Communication Courses also take up Public Relations Courses to enhance their job prospects. The Public Relations Courses are so designed that it helps the students to imbibe the skills in people management, and also in social behavior, corporate behaviors and in the management of staff in a corporate environment.

Different Types of Public Relations Courses

There are a number of courses offered to students interested in pursuing a career in public relations. The Public Relations Courses offer a vast curriculum for study. The students can take up the 3 years Bachelor’s and the 2 years Master’s degree in Public Relations. There are many institutions that offer diploma and certificate Public Relations Courses, for a duration of which ranges from a year to 6 months. The Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations is very wide and in-depth, and offers students the opportunity to enhance skills like navigation of interviews for recruitment, enhancing of the public image and goodwill of the organization that they work for and releasing statements that are valuable to the organization, the society and the people at large. The Public Relations Officer is also responsible for the management of the media and the interaction between the media and the organization.

Eligibility for Public Relations Courses

As in most cases, to be eligible for the Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, it is necessary to have completed the 10+2 / Higher Secondary examination. Some of the colleges and universities require students seeking admission to the Public Relations Courses, to undertake the admission test conducted by the colleges or universities. A Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations Courses is essential for admission to the Master’s Degree for specialization in any one aspect of the field of study. High level of writing skills, and a high proficiency in the English Language are other eligibility criteria for Public Relations Courses.

How to apply for Public Relations Courses

The student can apply directly to the institution or college for admission to the Public Relations Courses. Usually these institutions advertise their enrollment procedure in the common dailies. Some universities require the score of the entrance examination conducted by the Center, State or the institutions, which must be produced at the time of admission.

Scope/pay scale for Public Relations Courses

Today the Public Relation Officer or PRO as they are more commonly referred to is in great demand and high profile job opportunities are available for the right person with a degree in Public Relations Courses. Salary and perks are really attractive and lucrative and the job is not restricted to just corporate organizations but has extended to almost all other institutions including medical and educational ones.

Postgraduate (PG) Public Relations Courses in India

Postgraduate (PG) Diploma Public Relations Courses in India

Diploma Public Relations Courses in India

Doctorate Public Relations Courses in India

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