Advertising Courses in India

Introduction to Advertising Courses

Advertising is usually the face of any brand or product. Good advertising can help create a market for a virtually unknown product and also increase the market share of an existing product or brand. Advertising courses help create a skilled workforce who play very important roles in building a customer base. Advertising is a skill that can be easily learned, but takes lots of hard work, creativity and practice to master. Advertising courses teach students to weave magic with words and pictures. Interestingly, there are many aspects of advertising, viz., client servicing, account planning, creativity, market research and media. While most of us are aware of the creative aspect, all the other aspects are also equally important. Advertising courses from recognized institutions by their very nature help create trained professionals who are skilled in handling all aspects of advertising both overt and otherwise. These courses may vary from certificate courses to full time graduate and post-graduate level diplomas and degrees.

Different Types of Advertising Courses

There are many courses that students can enroll for. The various institutions and colleges offer certificate courses in various aspects of advertising like Public Relations, Marketing and Communication to specialize in them. For higher education, the students can also take up Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising and go on to study further to specialize in the Master’s Degree in the various specialized courses that are offered. Degree and Diploma courses are offered in Advertising, Sales Commercial Art & Marketing. Various courses usually have Mass Communications & Advertising clubbed up in their degrees they offer.

All these courses help prepare the students to meet all the challenges in the field of advertising. All the courses prepare the students for the various aspects of advertising including client servicing, market research, copywriting, and many others. The students can choose to specialize in the area of their choice on completion of the advertising courses.

Eligibility for Advertising Courses

The eligibility for advertising courses varies according to the type of course. Usually students opting for certificate courses, diplomas and graduate courses need to have a higher secondary(10 +2) certification, while Postgraduate and Postgraduate diploma aspirants need to have completed a graduation preferably with marketing, mass communications or public relations as part of their graduate level curriculum. The minimum scores required vary from institute to institute and university to university.

How to apply for Advertising Courses

Institutions can decide some aspects of the application process within the basic guidelines set for by the affiliated university or certifying authority. The exact details can be obtained from the website of the institution being considered for the advertising course.

Scope/pay scale for Advertising Courses

The scope of Advertising courses is infinite and only limited by the aspirant’s ability to capitalize on opportunities. A new age media, advertising has many as yet unexplored facets of an exciting career. The currently popular facets include client servicing, media planning & buying, account planning, creative (including visualizer and copywriter) and market research. The pay is commensurate with experience and while newcomers do not get large salaries, the remuneration increases exponentially with experience.

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