Career Options in Political Science

Political Science is a career having wide spectrum in present scenario of severe competition. Career scope is brighter than earlier with variety of new and upcoming fields. One can choose from these to get his or her desired stream and specialization. Numerous job opportunities are available in both private and public sectors (state & central level). One can opt for civil services, politics, journalism, teaching and so on. A lot of young people are considering it as a promising and rewarding career option. It is seen as a good income generating avenue too.


Aspirants who want to make career in political science must have bachelor degree in Arts and Humanities. For higher education they can go for M.A (Master of Arts), M. Phil. (Master of Philosophy) or PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) degree in political science. One can choose from the diversified subjects like political economy, Indian politics, comparative politics, international relations & global politics, public policy, political theory and public administration. By studying the concepts of the field one can easily understand and perform in the domain.

Skills Required:

Reasoning, analytical skills and critical thinking are the major skills required to perform in this field. One should be able to see the positive and negative aspect of everything to make a wise decision. Communication skills should be at par whether it is oral or written. Listening skills are also a prerequisite. Synthesis, segregation and aggregation of data & information play the major role in the life of political science professional.

Career Opportunity:

Various career options are available in the field like teaching, Research, Politics, Law, journalism, administrative services etc on various designations. Other options such as working for non-profit organization, international organization, business, think tank, campaign management companies. It has tremendous scope to work in various domains like:

  • Public affair
  • Social Policy
  • International Relationship
  • Public Administration
  • Public Planning
  • Academics
  • Analysis
  • City Planner
  • Executive Advisor
  • International Organization
  • Foreign Correspondent


Salary wise this sector has shown a remarkable growth in recent times. Government is also supporting the sector. In beginning one can earn a monthly salary of Rs.10000 to Rs.20000 which increases as the person becomes old in system and acquires skills and experience. At senior positions people can expect higher salaries in the range of Rs.50000 to Rs.80000 also. However salary totally depends on one’s knowledge, skills, attitude, communications skills and qualifications.

Political science has shown good growths in terms of the student who are willing to pursue a career in the field. Various political parties are nowadays hiring these professional in their think tank team to make the strategies, campaigning and other initiatives for the visibility and branding purposes. In elections also these subject matter expert are being called during exit poll projections and discussion and debates on the results. They also provide research and development services to their clients to their SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunities and threats)

analysis to make their position and place strong and competitive too. One should try this field as an excellent career option.

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