Rural Development Management Courses in India


In the context of globalization, rural development and management has got high priority in India’s developmental policies because of its importance in the development of the country’s society and people. Rural development and management courses provide innovative approaches and strategies for effectively dealing with problems in rural development and transformation. The life of common people in remote interior areas is pathetic and rural development and management courses help in analyzing, understanding and solving their problems thereby bringing overall development in the society. Rural development and management is taking initiatives and actions for improving the standard of living of the common people in remote villages and non-urban areas. In India most of the remote villages are having poor socioeconomic conditions and the government through rural development and management courses is trying to bring about solutions for this situation. By conducting training, workshops and seminars the knowledge and skills of officials are improved in order to facilitate rural development.

Different Types of Rural Development and Management Courses

The rural development and management courses are designed to examine and analyze the factors contributing to the improvement of economic and social well-being of disadvantaged groups in rural areas through research and consultancy efforts. Postgraduate rural development and management courses offered include masters in rural development and management, Master of Arts in rural development and Master of Arts in rural development and management. PG diploma in rural development, certificate courses and PhD programs are available at some institutions. M.A. program in Rural Development is designed to include such diverse academic contents which are essential in Indian context and a dissertation based on empirical research in rural areas.


Certificate programs in rural development and management courses, of a few months duration will be much useful for people working in various government departments, NGO’s and other institutions engaged in rural transformation. For admission into a master’s degree, which is of two years duration one must have completed graduation in relevant stream. The minimum qualification for admission to the post graduate diploma program is graduation in any discipline from a recognized university.

How to apply

Graduates with a service mentality and interest in rural management can pursue rural development and management courses. Apart from graduate degree some institutions conduct written test as part of selecting candidates to various courses.

Scope/pay scale

Rural development is considered as a multidimensional process which involves the reorganization of economic and social systems. With the new emerging areas in the field of rural development and implementation of rural development schemes, the scope of employment is increasing. For the proper implementation of the rural development programs the country is in need of professionally trained and qualified individuals. Thus, the rural development and management courses are in great demand among the youth who wish to pursue a career in this field. The rural development and management courses covers fields like standard of living, development of agriculture, cottage industries and human resource development. India is a developing country, in need of rural development experts for betterment of standard of living of rural masses, which is provided by the training given through rural development and management courses.

Certification Courses in Rural Development Management

PG Diploma Courses in Rural Development Management

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