Information Technology Management Courses in India


Information technology management discipline deals with managing information technology resources of a firm in accordance with its needs and priorities. Information technology management courses introduce students the steps to analyze a problem in information technology and identify the computing requirements to reach the solution. Focus is given on designing, implementing and evaluating a computer based system or program to meet desired needs. The need for professional development like building ability to communicate effectively with a range of audiences is imparted by Information technology management courses. Information technology related management activities have a central aim to generate value through the use of technology. Information technology management courses enable a student to manage responsibility within a company like budgeting, organizing, controlling with other aspects of technology like software and network planning.

Different Types of Information Technology Management Courses

Information technology management courses are based on a combination of business management and Information Technology. Information Technology management disciplines to name a few include IT financial management, IT service management, IT governance and Business-IT alignment. Foundation courses in IT, Management courses in IT, Leadership and self-development courses, software engineering and design courses are some of the major Information technology management courses offered. Bachelor’s degree in IT management takes four years to complete and consist of general education courses combined with specialized courses in information technology and business management. The higher degrees like post graduate and doctoral programs are available at reputed institutions.


Higher degrees in Information technology management courses can be easily pursued by a candidate having basic knowledge in Information Technology and business management. Plus two is the minimum requirement for taking up undergraduate programs in the various fields of Information Technology management.

How to apply

Postgraduate and doctorate programs in Information technology management courses require a bachelor’s degree in the related field of study. A valid GATE or CAT score acts as exempt from entrance tests in case of post graduate selections in some institutions. Most of the colleges select the candidates based on a group discussion and personal interview for final admissions.

Scope/pay scale.

Technological advances of the world and the dependence of a large number of companies on the complex IT systems have led to the demand for top class IT professionals who can handle various systems. With any of the Information technology management courses under your belt and with good communication skills, job opportunities are easily available. Students who earn an information technology management degree typically go on to work as IT managers or as computer and information systems managers. They are responsible for developing technical strategies and upgrading technology along with overseeing and directing other IT professionals. Companies are willing to pay handsome pay packages to managers who have pursued any of the Information technology management courses because they represent a small group of professionals who possess two kinds of skills. Starting off as an IT manager and moving on as IT project manager or security manager, can reach a position of Chief Technology Officer or Chief Information Officer through years of experience. Information technology management courses can offer a lot of job opportunities in IT governance, IT management and resourcing organizations.

Diploma Information Technology Management Courses in India

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