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Today healthcare is an important sector not only in the medical industry, but also in the field of education and in the list of services provided to people. There are a large number of educational institutions providing a plethora of courses that are within the realm of hospitals and health care. Each of the courses in the health care industry has a different set of requirements, and present a set of opportunities that are completely dissimilar in nature. Besides the courses related to medicine like the Doctors or the Nursing and other paramedical courses, today there are the management courses that are very popular considering the fact that a large number of hospitals and health care institutions have been established Hospital and Health Care Management Courses to prepare students to face the challenges that are present in hospitals and health care centers with the growing population of patients coming to these hospitals for treatments.

Different Types of Hospital and Health Care Management Courses

There are different types of Hospital and Health Care Management Courses and to understand them, it is essential to categorize them into degree courses which are the usual three year study and the diploma courses of two years study. The masters courses is a duration of two years and most business around the country conduct it and it is also conducted by some medical schools. One of the common courses in this field of study is the post graduate diploma course in which specialization in a particular field of study in the hospital and health care sector is possible. Today there are many doctors too, who take up this program to upgrade their skills in the management of their own clinics and hospitals. Certification courses are also quite common form of specialization in which graduate doctors specialize in a particular field of study in medicine. The certification program is usually of just 6 months duration and can be taken up after the degree course to either specialize in a particular field of hospital management or study for a generalized certification.


For most of the Master’s and the Post graduate Diploma courses, the minimum qualification for eligibility is that of a Bachelor’s degree. For the Bachelor’s degree and the other Diploma courses, the minimum eligibility is that of higher secondary or 10+2 certification. Some of the well-known universities conduct entrance examinations for the Degree and the PG Diploma courses.

How to apply:

Applications to the different Hospital and Health Care Management Courses can be made directly to the institutions to which admission is sought. Advertisements informing the last date for enrollment, the date of the examinations for entrance and other details are usually published in the leading dailies of India.

Scope/pay scale.

The Job profile of a hospital or health care manager is usually very high and respected and is full of challenges. Hence the pay and other compensations are usually very lucrative. Moreover, on completion of the Hospital and Health Care Management Courses there are many opportunities not only in hospitals and health care sectors but also in research institutions.

Career Options in Management Courses

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