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Women’s education has gained prominence only in the recent past but now it has established itself well enough to be given the utmost importance in India. Ever since India became an independent country, education for women have been given due importance but the problem was for women to access that education. The accessibility materialized only in the recent past by the establishment of Women’s Education Colleges in India. Women in India have a lower literacy rate in comparison to men and the reasons include socio-economic problems faced in the country. But with the Government of India taking stern steps in the implementation of the various programs for women education and empowerment by establishing Women's Education Colleges in India, today a high population of women are getting access to high quality education.

The Establishment of Women's Education Colleges in India

The establishment of educational institutions exclusively for women ranging from the school level to the Women's Education Colleges in India and universities for women have all contributed to the spreading of women’s education in India. There are a number of Women's Education Colleges in India that cater to the women of the local area and surrounding regions Establishment of Women's Education Colleges in India in which there are exclusive courses for women have also been implemented.

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Courses Offered:

Apart from the various degree and diploma courses that are commonly seen in most colleges around the country, there are the highly specialized course that suit women have been started in the Women's Education Colleges in India. There are engineering colleges in the country that also conduct vocational courses to provide the women to specialize according to their skills and capabilities. Some of the courses offered include:

  • BE/B.Tech/ ME/ M.Tech
  • BBA/ MBA
  • BA/BSc/B.Com/ B.Ed. and their respective postgraduate course.
  • Various Diploma and Certificate Courses in different disciplines.

Government established Women's Education Colleges in India

There are many Women's Education Colleges in India established by the central government in an effort to promote women’s education in India. Besides the common degree and diploma courses stress has been given to enforcing programs that will help the empowerment of woman and the the girl child. Also social issues are being tackled by the medium of education and women are encourages to take up such courses that will help them work towards alleviating social issues. Courses like social work, women empowerment and women entrepreneurship have been established in the different Women's Education Colleges in India.

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