Colleges in Orissa

Orissa is an Indian state which lies in the coast of Bay of Bengal. Orissa is ranked as the ninth largest state by area. There are a thousand of temples located in the state which include the famous Jagannath Temple and Konark Sun Temple making Orissa a wonderful tourist destination.

Higher Education in Orissa

There are a lot of Colleges and Universities in Orissa which provide higher education on global pars. There are nearly eighteen Universities out of which there are Universities exclusively for Culture and Spiritual Science. The state is a proud owner of acclaimed institutions like the IIT and NIT.

Various Types of Colleges in Orissa

Arts & Science Colleges in Orissa offer undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes in numerous disciplines. Courses in Audio Production, Still Photography, Anthropology, Indian Music, Textile Science etc stand out from the regular programmes offered by these Colleges in Orissa. For students who are interested in literature, there are Colleges in Odisha that offer courses in Hindi, Oriya, Sanskrit and certain foreign languages too. There are separate Universities and Colleges for Mass communication and Journalism.

Professional Colleges in Orissa

There are many Medical Colleges in Orissa which offer Bachelors and Masters degree and certain diploma courses in Medical Radiology Technology, General Nursing and Midwifery and Medical Laboratory Technology. There are Dental Colleges and also Colleges for alternative medicine like Homeopathy, Ayurveda. They offer undergraduate and post graduate programmes in the respective streams. Numerous Law Colleges in Orissa offer five year dual degree integrated courses with different specialisations, Masters and also Ph.D.

A large number of Technical and Engineering Colleges in Orissa offer Bachelors and Masters Degrees in disciplines like Computer Application and various branches of Engineering. Management Colleges in Orissa offer Bachelors and Masters in Business Management, diploma and certificate programmes in Rural Management, Human Resource Management etc. There are also several Pharmacy Colleges in Orissa that provide B.Pharm, M.Pharm and also doctoral programmes.

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