Colleges in Tripura

Tripura is one of the smallest states in India lies in the North Eastern part of the country. Ruled for many years by the Tripuri dynasty it became an independent in Indian in the year 1972. The high literacy rate of the state crossing 73% is proof, of the development in the regions with extra focus given to education. Various programs have been initiated by the government in the realm of education with the establishment of many Colleges in Tripura. Women, in particular, have been encouraged to join the different centres for education in the state.

The Various Types of Colleges in Tripura:

Tripura has a mix of both privately owned colleges and government run colleges. The privately owned Colleges in Tripura are those run by religious missionaries. The medium of instruction is generally either English or Bengali though at the lower levels their native language is also used for the purpose of instruction.

The Two Universities in Tripura

There are two universities in Tripura and all the Colleges in Tripura are affiliated to either one of them. One is the Central University and the other is a Private university. The general Colleges in Tripura and the professional Colleges in Tripura include colleges that impart education in degree courses leading to the graduation level in Arts, Science and Commerce.

The Professional Colleges in Tripura

The professional Colleges in Tripura are the Medical colleges, the engineering colleges and the law colleges. The endeavour of the government of India to extend the facilities of engineering studies has resulted in the establishment of the NIT which is one of the premium Colleges in Tripura for engineering studies.

A few Colleges in Tripura have been established to cater to the needs of those students who are inclined towards music and art and to facilitate their need, the music Colleges in Tripura and the arts Colleges in Tripura have been established in Tripura.

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