Colleges in Salem

The district of Salem lies in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. A number of educational institutions are located in Salem which makes it a well-known destination for students from all over Tamil Nadu and neighbouring sites seeking admissions into the various Courses conducted in the different Colleges in Salem. Salem is also known for the huge steel plant that is located there, so the educational facilities are a boon to the children of the families who come as employees to the plant from other parts of the country.

The Different Colleges in Salem

Various Colleges in Salem conducting an array of courses are situated in Salem. Highly reputed institutions have been established. The university in Salem that was established in 1966, has a number of Arts, Science and commerce Colleges in Salem that are affiliated to it. Almost all the Colleges in Salem, both privately managed and those managed by the state government are NAAC accredited so all the Colleges in Salem are very reputed institutions. Moreover, apart from being accredited they are also some Colleges in Salem that are recognized by the UGC.

Professional Colleges in Salem

Higher education has been given greater emphasis and the result is the establishment of the Engineering Colleges in Salem which are run by the state government. Apart from engineering colleges there are many Polytechnic Colleges in Salem that conduct various vocational courses.

There is a Medical Colleges in Salem that is also under the State government.

Besides, many nursing colleges have been set up apart from the one in medical college. Some of the Colleges in Salem also have para-medical courses.

Homeopathic medical Colleges in Salem conduct courses like BHMS for students interested in this alternative form of medical study.

Enrolment Process in colleges of Salam:

  • Professional Courses: Higher Secondary and Entrance Examination score
  • General colleges: Pass in Higher Secondary
  • Polytechnics & Diploma Courses: Tenth Standard certification.

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