Colleges in West Bengal

One of the states in India that lies on the eastern region of the country, West Bengal is known for the very high literacy rate at approximately 75%. West Bengal has always been pioneers in the field of education. The numbers Colleges of West Bengal is a proof of the expansion made in the field of education.

Structured Educational System in West Bengal:

West Bengal is noted as a leader in education establishing Colleges of West Bengal that are significant because every college is affiliated to its respective university. This helps the establishments to concentrate and focus on their respective field of education. Each discipline of education conducted in the Colleges of West Bengal has been so structured to be affiliated to their respective unveriersities that have been established in West Bengal that include:

  • Universities for in Medical and Health sciences under which Medical Colleges of West Bengal, nursing and paramedical Colleges of West Bengal operate
  • The Engineering Colleges, the polytechnic includes special technology Colleges of West Bengal like Jute Technology are affiliated to the University of Technology
  • There are Colleges of West Bengal under the University for Legal Education, University for Fisheries, University for Veterinary Sciences and Agricultural University
  • General universities have a number of Colleges of West Bengal conducting courses in Arts, Science, commerce and library sciences

Admission Criteria and Eligibility for Colleges in West Bengal

  • Admission to all the Colleges of West Bengal is based on the +2/ higher Secondary score Joint Entrance examination score for professional Colleges of West Bengal.
  • For the general Colleges of West Bengal, for degree studies the subjects and scores in the +2 level are considered.
  • For Polytechnics and Diploma Courses a 10th standard certificate is sufficient.
  • For postgraduate studies a Bachelors’ degree or equivalent is mandatory.

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