Colleges in Kanpur

One of the most thickly populated cities in the state of Uttar Pradesh in the Northern Region of India, Kanpur is well known around the country for its leather industry. It is also one of the main cities in India that is commercially viable and is highly industrialized besides being in the forefront in the education sector, with a number of Colleges in Kanpur.

Research Facilities in the Colleges in Kanpur

  • A Research Institute was established in 1920 by the Government
  • A research institute for Pulses was established by the Central government
  • A research institute for sugar is also established in Kanpur
  • A research center for plants is also provided for students interested in taking up research studies in plants and its related subjects

Professional Colleges in Kanpur

  • Among the many Colleges in Kanpur for technical education and engineering studies one of the oldest is a technological institute which was built in 1920
  • The Indian Institute of Technology is a college of National Importance
  • A college for textile technology
  • An institute of leather technology
  • Architectural Colleges in Kanpur have been established for architecture and related studies
  • A university for Agriculture with a number of Colleges in Kanpur imparting education in agricultural studies
  • Colleges in Kanpur for productivity & management
  • The Council for Chartered Accountants impart training dedicated to the field of chartered accountancy.
  • There are a number of Polytechnic Colleges in Kanpur which award diplomas and encourage vocational studies by preparing skilled workforce
  • Some of the Colleges in Kanpur promotes training and education in the field of fashion technology

Other Colleges in Kanpur include college of education and other general colleges which impart education in subjects related to Arts, Science and commerce.

The students having passed the 10+2 examination are eligible for admission to the general Colleges in Kanpur. For the professional colleges the Joint Entrance Examination is also required.

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