Colleges in Kanchipuram

Kancheepuram is one of the major districts of Tamil Nadu in India as it is unique for the number of engineering graduates that it produces annually. This number is approximately equal to some of the number of graduates being produced by some of the major states in India.

The Different Engineering Colleges in Kancheepuram

Almost all the Engineering Colleges in Kancheepuram that are recognized by the All India Council of technical education. Some of them are private engineering Colleges in Kancheepuram while others are managed by the government. Apart from the usual engineering courses there are the bio-medical, aeronautical and marine engineering Colleges in Kancheepuram. All the engineering Colleges in Kancheepuram offer undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

Admission to the engineering courses in solely on the basis of the Joint Entrance Test conducted by the state of Tamil Nadu. For postgraduate courses a high score in the BE or the degree in addition to the GATE or the TANCET is mandatory.

A significant step towards establishment of highly advanced courses of study is provided by the institution established by the MHRD under the Government of India is the Indian Institute of Information Technology, Design &Manufacturing. It offers various courses from the undergraduate level to the research programs to students.

The Other Colleges in Kancheepuram

Apart from the engineering and technological Colleges in Kancheepuram including the polytechnics, there are many other Colleges in Kancheepuram that encourage other spheres of study. The Medical Colleges in Kancheepuram caters to the needs of students who desire to study courses apart from medicine like nursing, pharmacy and other para-medical courses. The other Colleges in Kancheepuram include

B.ED. Colleges in Kancheepuram provide degree and postgraduate courses in teacher education

MCA Colleges in Kancheepuram offer courses related to computer application and computer science.

General Colleges in Kancheepuram offer courses in arts, science and commerce streams for students in the undergraduate, post- graduate levels and for Research Programs.

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