Colleges in Bihar

Bihar has a rich history of education and some of the ancient universities were first located in various towns in Bihar. In fact, learning was given great priority in Bihar and that is why two major universities of ancient times, Vikramshila and Nalanda were established in Bihar. Today a number of Colleges of Bihar extend quality education to the student population of Bihar.

The Present Day Colleges of Bihar:

Education is still valued in Bihar and the state has a large number of Colleges of Bihar which come under the various universities of Bihar. Some of the universities have been functional from as early as the early part of the 1900s and since then the number of universities have been growing in numbers. Besides the number of disciplines and the courses too have increasing in the Colleges of Bihar to cater to the demands of the present generations.

Bihar has been leading in the number of IIT and NIT enrolments and there are many Colleges of Bihar that have a variety of courses being catered too. Engineering colleges and Polytechnics colleges have been established to ensure that there is enough seats to cater to the aspiring future engineers.

Medical education is of very high quality in Bihar being conducted in the various Colleges of Bihar. High quality infrastructure, with state of the art equipment are provided to the Colleges of Bihar to ensure that the quality of education never comes down. There are many Dental Colleges of Bihar that offer high quality education. Nursing and Para-medical education is also offered in these medical Colleges of Bihar.

Other Colleges of Bihar which offer educational facilities.

Apart from the Engineering and medical Colleges of Bihar there are the following educational institutions:

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