Colleges in Ranchi

Ranchi is the capital of the state of Jharkhand and is its major city also. Established in 1899, it is one of the districts in India that can boast of many premier educational institutions and Colleges in Ranchi that are of National Importance which are under the central government.

Besides these Colleges in Ranchi that are of national importance, there are many Colleges in Ranchi that cater to high quality education and provide all the facilities for women, and students from the rural areas surrounding Ranchi.

One of the major areas that education is being focussed on is women’s education and a number of Colleges in Ranchi cater to the women of the region for their empowerment.

The Different Colleges in Ranchi

  • Ranchi has a wide range of courses provided to the students of the regions. Both state owned and privately owned engineering and technology Colleges in Ranchi provide a number of modern as well the commonly known engineering courses.
  • The Medical Colleges in Ranchi provide medicine and paramedical courses
  • There are many Law Colleges in Ranchi that provided facilities for legal studies
  • Besides, the general Colleges in Ranchi provide courses that include the arts science and commerce subjects including professional courses like library science, mass communication, and technological courses like bio-technology and bio chemistry.

Admission Requirements in Colleges of Ranchi

Admission for all the courses in the professional Colleges in Ranchi need a +2 or a higher secondary certification along with the score of the Joint Entrance Examination based on which admission is granted. The general Colleges in Ranchi need only the higher secondary certificate. Polytechnics require a 10th standard pass certificate.

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