Colleges in Pondicherry

Though small in area, Pondicherry or Puducherri as it is locally known has a large presence in the educational map of India. Known for a high quality of life, Pondicherry is a Union Territory under Government of India. Pondicherry is also known for “Auroville”, an establishment begun by the Mother who along with Sri Aurobindo stayed here.

The University Of Pondicherry

Established in 1985, the University Of Pondicherry is supported by the UGC and is therefore a Central University. Most of the Colleges in Pondicherry function under the University Of Pondicherry. The University is known for some of its very unique courses like:

  • A Centre for South Asian Studies
  • Encourages performing arts by conducting degree courses in various fields of art including dance and music.
  • Department for women’s studies
  • A division for green energy
  • Encourages the spreading of education through distance education methods

The Various Colleges in Pondicherry

  • One of the premier medical colleges in the country is located in Pondicherry and along with that there are a number of many privately owned medical Colleges in Pondicherry. The Medical Colleges in Pondicherry also conduct related courses like Dental, nursing and para-medical courses
  • The Engineering Colleges in Pondicherry also have a variety of unique courses like Pollution Control and Environmental Engineering
  • Teacher training and education Colleges in Pondicherry offer degree, diploma and Masters level degree in education.
  • Law Colleges in Pondicherry imparting legal education through various courses related to legal studies

Admission and Eligibility Criteria

Admission to most of the professional Colleges in Pondicherry is through the Joint Entrance Examination either conducted in the Union Territory or the All India Test. Besides, some of the medical colleges and other professional colleges conduct their own entrance examination.

A pass in higher secondary or +2 is mandatory for admission to the arts, science and commerce degree Colleges in Pondicherry.

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