Colleges in Assam

Assam is a state lying in the North Eastern region of India and is surrounded by the 6 of the seven other North Eastern States. Lying on the southern side of the Himalayas, the state is home to a huge network of Colleges in Assam and educational institutions at all levels. In fact, Assam has the highest number of educational facilities in the entire region of the North East and hence it is one of the top educational destinations of the regions. Women education is highly promoted in most of the Colleges in Assam

Technology & Engineering Colleges in Assam

The government, in Assam and in the Centre have contributed to the rising number of the Engineering and Polytechnic Colleges in Assam. Assam is the proud owner of three major technological and engineering institutions namely the NIT, The IIT and the North East Institute of Science and Technology. Besides these three premium institutions, there are the various engineering and polytechnic Colleges in Assam that cater to the large population of students who seek admission in the various Colleges in Assam.

Medical and Research Promoted by Colleges in Assam

Apart from the various Colleges in Assam that are affiliated to various universities there are the research centres attached to these colleges. These Medical Colleges in Assam offer training and education facilities for other para –medical, nursing and pharmacy courses. Besides there are Dental Colleges in Assam and also an Ayurveda college for those interested.

Other Professional Colleges in Assam

Some of the other professional courses include business management colleges that offer disciplines of study business administration, hotel management and Finance management in the various management Colleges in Assam

Architecture Courses too are taught in the Colleges in Assam where the discipline of architecture is focussed to students enrolled in to the B.Arch. course.

Other Courses: there a many other courses too that is taught in the Colleges in Assam and that include teacher training.

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