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Mumbai is one of the largest metropolitan cities in India and is also known as the commercial capital of India. The increasing population of both people in the state of Maharashtra, to which Mumbai belongs and from other states has been catered to with the best of educational facilities. Moreover, it being a highly sophisticated city, the Colleges in Mumbai are well equipped with state –of – the - art facilities.

The Types of Colleges in Mumbai

Mumbai has an enormous number of educational facilities including:

  • Institution of National Importance like the IITs and the IIMs
  • Engineering Colleges in Mumbai that impart engineering studies and related subjects along with the Polytechnics
  • Medical Colleges in Mumbai that provide training and degrees in both under graduate studies and postgraduate studies. The medical Colleges in Mumbai also impart training in nursing and other para medical courses
  • The law Colleges in Mumbai is one of the most renowned and reputed institutions which had a number of highly respected alumni who now hold some of the global positions in the legal world
  • General Colleges in Mumbai that cater to students interested in pursuing degree and post-graduate courses in Art/ Science / Commerce/ Library Science/ and Computers
  • Some Colleges in Mumbai have affiliations to International Universities too, with a twin campus programs

Eligibility criteria for Colleges in Mumbai

In most of the Colleges in Mumbai for undergraduate studies a pass in + 2 or higher secondary is mandatory. However, those seeking admission to the professional colleges like engineering, medicine and architecture need to pass either of the Joint Entrance Examination held by both the centre and the state. For the private engineering Colleges in Mumbai the State conducted engineering exams is sufficient but for the IITs, the All India examinations need to be taken and passed. Similar the conditions for the medical exam too. The admission to the IIMs and other management Colleges in Mumbai is for graduates who have passed the entrance examinations like the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) / CAT Entrance exam / MAT Entrance Exam.

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