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Chennai is the capital city of the state of Tamil Nadu and is considered to be the center of education of India. People from Tamil Nadu who have excelled in the field of technology, science and research hold top positions in various fields in the world today.. Moreover, some of the Colleges in Chennai have been established during the British rule and are still considered to be the best institutes imparting high quality education.

The Reputed Colleges in Chennai

There are the institutes of National importance like the Indian Institute Of Technology, the National Institute of Technology, the National Institute of Fashion Technology, and the National Institute of Leather Research

Most of the Colleges in Chennai are under the respective universities so the engineering and Polytechnic Colleges in Chennai including the Architectural Colleges in Chennai are under the University of Technology. There are many privately owned engineering and polytechnics Colleges in Chennai that offer a wide range of courses.

Women’s education has been greatly focused on with specialized Colleges in Chennai for engineering, management and general courses.

There are many general Colleges in Chennai offering courses in Arts/Science and Commerce apart from Library science and Computer technology courses.

Courses related to criminology is also offered in Colleges in Chennai and the degree is awarded by the University in Chennai

Admission Criteria for Colleges in Chennai

To most of the degree course conducted in the Colleges in Chennai, the general criteria is a 10+2 certificate or a Higher secondary certificate, but admission to the professional Colleges in Chennai along with higher Secondary certificate is a pass in the Entrance examinations which is mandatory. Entrance examinations are held by both the Center as well as the State Authority.

For postgraduate degree courses in the Colleges in Chennai a bachelors is essential and for research and doctoral study a post graduate degree is needed.

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