Education in Arunachal Pradesh

Education in Arunachal Pradesh – An Introduction

Arunachal Pradesh meaning “The land of dawn” is also known as the Orchid State of India. It is situated in the remote north east corner of the country, bordering People’s Republic of China in the north. It has a population of 1.38 million per 2011 census, which comprises 0.11% of the national population. With 26 major tribes and 110 sub tribes and minor tribes who comprise 64.63% of the total population, it has the fourth largest tribal population of the country. Of the 1000 species of orchids in India, 500 are found in Arunachal Pradesh alone. The literacy rate per 2011 census is 66.95% of which males are 73.96% whereas females are 59.57%. The disparities compared to other states are vast and is being bridged fast by the various ambitious educational programmes adopted by the government.

School Education in Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh has been a seat for Buddhist education since quite some time. Formal Education in Arunachal Pradesh started at a slow pace initially due to various geographic, socio and economic constraints, which subsequently gained momentum. The medium of education earlier was Assamese which changed to English on its attaining union territory status in 1972 and is in vogue from pre-primary schools to the university level. Despite its having implemented the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan which is slowly gaining momentum in the state the results of which are likely to get reflected in the literacy rates of 2021 census. The schools in the state follow the uniform structure of 10+2 system. Per available data of 2007 - 2008 of the department of education there are 1828 pre-primary schools, 2031 primary schools, 771 upper primary schools, 145 secondary schools and 54 higher secondary schools in the state. The schools in the state are affiliated to either the Central Board of Secondary Education or the Indian School Certificate Examination.

Higher Education in Arunachal Pradesh

Higher education in Arunachal Pradesh has made appreciable improvements despite constraints. Colleges in Arunachal Pradesh offer a wide spectrum of subjects at the undergraduate, post graduate and the post doctoral levels. These institutions are fairly widespread and cover nearly all geographical areas and students do not have to relocate to give continuity to education unless they intend to peruse it in a premier institution outside the state. There are many technical colleges offering job oriented and research oriented opportunities to the aspiring students. Other institutions like teachers training, nursing and management are also located in Arunachal Pradesh thereby providing students with the requisite education for acquiring a job of their choice. The teaching profession is very sought after course as it enables students to be employed within the state at an appropriate remuneration level and also contribute to nation building which is the need of the hour.

Education in Arunachal Pradesh – Future

The inhabitants of Arunachal Pradesh are a closed community due to their tribal orientation. Despites majority being of the liberal mindset, they still have the inclination of staying together and minimal migration to other parts of the country take place, unless it is compulsive. Education in Arunachal Pradesh has taught its inhabitants humility and adherence to their traditional and cultural roots with a sense of camaraderie.

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