M.Phil (Sports Science) Course in India

Master of Philosophy - Sports Science Course in India

Degree M.Phil - Master of Philosophy
Major Sports Science
Duration 2 Years
Type PG
Eligibility Post Graduation

M.Phil Sports Science Colleges in India

The Selection Procedures for Admission to the M.Phil. Sports Science Program

The M.Phil. Sports Science Program is a highly advanced course whereby the candidate is prepared for a career in various aspects of fitness, health, and other biological features for people who are in the sporting field. It is a highly extensive program and besides the physical aspects, even psychological aspects are part of the course program as mental strength and fitness are integral for every sports person. Risk management in sports is a very vital specialization of the subject area in the M.Phil. Sports Science Program. The course is usually of two years duration and is conducted as a full-time program in campus. Students may also consider part-time study of the program which is of four years duration. However, it would depend on the university that conducts it, as not all universities impart part-time programs.

Eligibility for Admission to the M.Phil. Sports Science Program:

There are many options for students interested in taking up the M.Phil. Sports Science Program but all of them are a Master’s Degree from a University that is recognized by the UGC or the University Grants Commission. The Master’s Degrees that are eligible include the M.Sc. Sports Science, the Master’s Physical Education, and an M.Sc. in Dietitian or Home Science program.

M.Phil. Sports Science Syllabus

Since the subject area of Sports Science is vast and multi-disciplinary, a number of disciplines are taught in the M.Phil. Sports Science Program. Some of the subjects that are part of the M.Phil syllabus for the Sports Science Program include:

  • Knowledge of methods that are employed for the training of sports personnel.
  • Prevention of injury, management techniques of injured sports persons and analysis of the injury to assist in the treatment process.
  • Diet and maintenance of proper health conditions for both, playing and non-player sports personnel.
  • Exercise and fitness are a major part of every sportsperson and it is their trainer or coach who must ensure the fitness of the player. Hence, this is another of the courses that are undertaken in the syllabus.

M.Phil. Sports Science Course - Benefits:

The benefits of undertaking the course are that it offers the candidate a vast scope for employment as a number of job opportunities are opened with the specialized degree in the M.Phil. Sports Science Program

M.Phil. Sports Science - Job Prospects:

Today sports is an integral part of every country's economy and hence both commercially and for entertainment, the sporting world is a vast area of job opportunities. Lucrative salary, fame, and other perks are some of the various benefits that the job acquired with a degree in the M.Phil. Sports Science Program offers.

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