Master Of Commerce (M.Com) Courses in India

Introduction to M.Com Courses

This is an era of trade, commerce, economics, management and technology. It has been aptly said that you would definitely succeed if you learn Arabic and sell oil. The Master of Commerce degree is precisely the stepping stone for an aspirant seeking to be employed in today’s thriving world of commerce. This is a universal skill set which has acceptability in virtually every industry/service vertical. This degree is commonly prevalent in most Commonwealth countries.

Streams in M.Com Courses

The Master of Commerce course is a Post Graduate Degree provided by Indian Universities having a two year academic tenure. A two year Master of Commerce can be pursued in quite diverse subjects namely accounting, banking, actuarial science, business management, corporate governance, human resources management, economics, statistics, finance, marketing, supply chain management, logistics, etc.

Eligibility for M.Com Courses

Students aspiring to join the course are required to have any one of the following qualifications:-

M. Com - 2 years Regular Course

  • Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from any recognised university.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Commerce with Honours from any recognised university.
  • Bachelor’s degree with Honours in Economics or Business/Management Studies.
  • Must have the prescribed percentage of marks in the Bachelor’s examination which ranges from 50% to 60% depending on the institution.
  • Some universities/institutions conduct entrance examinations for intake of students.

Most Universities have reservations for students graduating from their university or affiliated colleges and the remaining from other universities/institutions. A few institutions also conduct personal interviews after qualifying in the written examinations. How to apply

Most applications are available online from the official website of the respective institutions, however in some colleges/universities they have to be procured, filled and deposited in person. The fee ranges from Rs 300/- to Rs 800/- depending on the reputation of the institution and the payment deposition by credit/debit card or demand draft as the stipulated mode being adhered to by the target institution.

Name, age, gender, qualifications, contact information, copies of testimonials, photographs, etc., are to be carefully filled to avoid form rejection/disqualification of candidature. It is advisable for aspirants to first fill in a dummy form (Photocopied version) and thereafter fill in the original so as to avoid mistakes or cutting in the original form.

Scope for M.Com Courses

The Master of Commerce is basically a course intended for specialisation in the core area of academic research, accounting, consulting, insurance, banking, civil services, general management, etc. Its scope is very broad and covers all areas except technical and manufacturing. This course is a stepping stone for outstanding candidates aspiring to build a career in stock broking, insurance, accounting, consulting, management, analysts etc,. Few aspirants also pursue the academic field to further their skill sets.

Pay Scales / Salary for M.Com Courses

Institutional repute is the primary determinant of the entry level pay package of its students. However the entry level pay package varies from Rs 25,000/- to Rs 15,000/- depending on the employers repute and credentials. A year down the line will swell the remuneration package in the range of Rs 25,000/- to Rs 35.000/- and thereafter the package will take an upward trend purely driven by the then prevalent market dictated skill sets possessed by the target employee. Experience, domain skill and designation will also play a major role in determining the pay package of the employee.

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