Advanced Post Graduate Diploma Courses in India

The Advanced PG Diploma Courses is a part of the higher education system in India. Highly holistic in nature, the course is offered in many of the colleges and Universities conducting courses in Arts and Science, Engineering, Medical, Law and a number of other courses. The Advanced PG Diploma Courses caters to the various disciplines of study and different specialized programs that have been included to cater to the increasing needs of technology based education and expertise in all fields.

Every stream has an Advanced PG Diploma Courses which provides specialized learning and knowledge in a particular aspect of the subject. For example, for a teacher taking an Advanced PG Diploma Courses in Teacher Education for Special Children, enables the teacher to teach in Special Schools. The course imparts the skills required, the expertise and the knowledge to the teacher to become a teacher in Special Schools.

There are similar such programs that specialize in one aspects or the other, in every course available in all the disciplines of study. There are more options of the Advanced PG Diploma Courses in disciplines like Management, Engineering, Agriculture, Medicine, Computer Technology and Law. Besides, these commonly opted disciplines, there are many other disciplines that are not so popular yet the Advanced PG Diploma Courses in those disciplines are turning increasingly popular. They include Foreign Languages, Environment, Travel related jobs in industries like Aviation and Shipping. Transportation and Logistics are also very significant disciplines in which the Advanced PG Diploma Courses enrolment is sought.

Eligibility Criteria and Duration for Advanced PG Diploma Courses

In most cases the eligibility is a Bachelor’s degree, preferably in the discipline for which the admission to the Advanced PG Diploma Courses is sought. A student having successfully completed the Medical Degree Course can opt for an Advanced PG Diploma Courses in other aspects of Medicine like Hospital Administration or Management and other fields in Medicine like Dermatology and other disciplines.

There is usually no age bar in the course but some institutions and universities have maintained a maximum age limit of 35 years.

The students who have completed the Bachelor’s Degree in Arts must have studied the subjects in which the Advanced PG Diploma Courses is required. Similarly one or more of the Science subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology and others should mandatorily have been in their Degree course if applying for the Advanced PG Diploma Courses in Science related subject like medical imaging, physiotherapy, clinical psychology, Fire and Safety Management, Nautical Science and many such programs.

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